“Mysterious Melbourne” WALKING Tour



Among the City Laneways and Alleys.

There are many hidden mysteries among the lanes and alley’s of Melbourne’s past that our guide will unravel for your entertainment. We are sure you will enjoy the many stories about a Madam, a ghost, a Doctor and a naked lady- many hidden lanes and alleyways, quietly waiting to be discovered – some hidden gems.

  • The Madam & the Mace
  • Dr. Beaney & the Barmaid
  • Mr Federici’s curtain call
  • The Burke & Wills tragedy
  • The Gun Alley conspiracy

From the seat of government to the retail heart of Melbourne, walking tours have much more to offer the visitor, tucked away from the bustle of the shopping malls.

From the whimsical and the quirky – to the downright scary.

From medical mayhem, to ladies of the night, gangsters and an explorer or two, Melbourne’s streets and lanes hint of tales sometimes forgotten.

Some little streets no longer exist, others you might happen upon when you least expect it. Most lie in wait, beckoning – dare you go in? Only the ghosts remain.

For something a little different, come on a walking tour and explore the more colorful history of this modern city. What are you waiting for?

Enjoy a coffee/tea or a glass of wine/beer on the tour.

See hidden alleys and laneways including ACDC Lane, honoring the very successful Australian Heavy Rock Band.

This sign has been replaced many times due to fans souveniring it.

Walk the former slum area to the site of one of Melbourne’s most atrocious murders of the 1920s. Still unsolved… Was an innocent man condemned to die? And how did it affect one city business?

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